Wild flowers galore

climb a hill in County Cork for far ranging views  

Go into the hills and rural locations - Wild flowers grow in profusion in the remote and unspoiled parts of the countryside. Climb up into the hills to see how the species of wild flowers changes as you climb.

Click to view the variety of Irish wild flowers that you could stumble across during your rambles in Country Cork.

Take your camera to photograph the flowers but never pick them. Leave them to seed and for others to enjoy.

Cottages in Ireland

What to do during spring in County Cork?

If you can book a break to conicide with the 17th of March then all well and good. Spring really develops after that, daffodils will be blooming bringing cheerful yellow colours to grass verges and gardens.

Walks in the countryide to see wild flowers, blossom and trees in new leaf

Birds are more exposed and engaged in feeding young or mating rituals

Have a day out at Cork Racecourse


Cottages in Ireland

holidays in County Cork Ireland with wild flowers during spring

Rent a country cottage in County Cork Ireland to see spring flowers

Everywhere is beautiful in spring when flowers and blossom are at their best and County Cork is no exception. Come in May when the weather is pleasant and the flowers are out in all their glory.

The very best place to see wild flowers is in a rural area, rent a country cottage in County Cork for your stay.

cottages to rent in county cork

County Cork for self catering holidays for couples

As people grow older they seem to develop more of an interest in wildlife and nature- perhaps because retired people have more time.

County Cork in the spring offers wonderful opportunities for spotting numerous species of wild flowers. The Gulf Stream ensures that spring is pleasantly warm and ideal for a holiday with lots of walks or rambles in the countryside.

Rent a small cottage for two in County Cork and have a marvellous time in the countryside, returning to your cottage in the evening where you will be able to bath or shower before deciding whether to stay in with a book or the television or go out to chat with the locals down at the pub. The amount of information that can be gleaned from the local inhabitants or fellow tourists could help you decide where to go sightseeing next. The local people will certainly be able to advise about the best places to eat unless they recommend their cousin's place (ask if related).

Spring events in County Cork

  • The biggest event is St Patrick's day on the 17th of March when the whole of Ireland celebrates in a big way. It's a good time to be in Ireland and feel that goodwill and merriment. The biggest parades take place in the City of Cork although the people in the rural locations will also celebrate in their own way. One of the pleasures of being somewhere different is finding out about local customs and traditions. Expect to see a fair amount of Irish dancing and enjoy the lively music.
  • West Cork Drama Festival in Clonakilty during the second week of March.
  • Ballydehob Jazz Festival - an all family event held during the first week of May.
  • Baltimore Seafood Festival weekend in the thrid week of May.

Places to visit in County Cork during spring:

Blarney Castle and the Blarney Stone

Take a Jameson Whiskey Distillery Tour - north east of the City of Cork

Visit a donkey sanctuary - we all like to see donkeys faring well. Come and make a fuss of a few donkeys in Mallow, County Cork.