Cottage holidays for 2 in Ireland

The renting of a cottage for two is likely to be the most expensive part of your holiday apart from car hire. Economies of scale start to kick in when 4 people share accommodation and a hire car.

The solution is to go on holiday with friends.

rent a cottage for a country holiday in County CorkOne bedroom Irish country cottages

Rent a one bedroom country cottage for two and enjoy a peaceful and relaxing break in Ireland.
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Taking your dog on holiday to Ireland?

dog friendly cottages for 2 in Ireland

Many couples have a dog and as we know pets are part of the family. Many dog owners would simply not dream of leaving their dog behind so take it on holiday with them.

An Irish pet friendly cottage for 2 allows you to do just that.



Small cottage in the country - Ireland


Couples on holiday maintain a strong demand for small country cottages that sleep two people. Although one bedroom cottages are high in demand, some people are happy to pay a little extra for a two bedroom cottages for the extra space or because they sleep in separate bedrooms. Older couples especially, of pensionable age, may have the resources to travel and want to do it in comfort.

Older people have additional requirements besides staying in the country where they can get a nights' sleep. Infirmities come along with age that sometimes restrict mobility. Older couples are more likely to request cottages on the one level or bungalows to rent.

Take a look at small cottages to rent in Ireland and see if you can be inspired to visit Ireland on holiday.

small country cottages to rent for holidays in Ireland

One of the advantages in visiting Ireland, especially from the UK, is that people speak the same language. For the Welsh, English and Scots, Ireland is essentially abroad and yet familiar. We understand how things work and have the joy of a different yet not too foreign cuisine and culture.

Pensioners are not the only people who want small cottages to rent on holiday

There is a large number of childless couples of all ages who prefer to rent a cottage. It is much nicer staying on your own small cottage in the countryside rather than a hotel or B&B , both of which have strict times for meals and other restrictions. In a self catering cottage you can please yourself. This is not the cheapest form of accommodation for just two people but arguably the most comfortable and private.



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