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Luxury cottages for holidays in County Cork


When looking for a luxurious country cottage in County Cork or indeed anywhere, the experience is a little similar to finding a prince - there is a wide number of 'frogs to be kissed' en-route to success.

The only real way to find that luxury cottage is to search for 'luxury cottages to rent in County Cork' and then to sift through them. Cottages may be rated as 5 star by a tourist board or other grading body but they may not quite reach those heights of glamour that we require. Words such as opulent, grand, sumptuous, luscious, lavish all conjure up that vision of luxury.

We expect bedrooms upholstered in silks, Kashmiri rugs and beautiful bespoke furniture, marble bathrooms and evident style. If this is the type of property that you would like to rent then do take a look at luxury cottages in Ireland by clickng the button. You may have to wade through a few good quality but ordinary cottages first to find the 'dream cottage'.

luxury holiday cottages in County Cork


The boring bits - the terms and conditions

Renting a truly luxurious cottage is always going to be an expensive business. It is important to read the terms and conditions of booking, especially the section about cancellation. Terms and conditions are individual to each cottage owner or agency, nothing can be assumed.

The rental scheme works in a similar fashion each time:

  • A deposit is taken to make the reservation
  • The balance is paid a few weeks before arrival
  • A refundable damage deposit is take as security

Where difficulties tend to arise in practice is in cancellation and with the damage deposit.

The deposit taken to secure the booking may be completely un-refundable, partially refundable or fully refundable depending on the terms and possibly also on when the cancellation occurs. If a holiday is cancelled last minute leaving the cottage owner with no or little time to re-advertise and obtain another booking then it is understandable that no refund may be made. Holiday makers should ensure that they have suitable insurance to cover this eventuality and specific travel insurance is required for this purpose.

The damage deposit is another possible source of contention. Cottage owners take a fairly substantial damage deposit as a form of insurance that is designed to make guests feel responsible for the cottage and to behave in a responsible manner. Very occasionally a property is trashed due to a group that is under the influence of drink or drugs and in such circumstances the damage deposit is insufficient to cover the cost of restoring a property and the loss of earnings during that period and it becomes a civil matter.

Also occasionally and generally involving families with children, deliberate damage is done to furniture or fittings resulting in partial or complete loss of the damage deposit. Parents on holiday do not always supervise their children and it is not a good idea for them to rent luxury properties. Indeed, parents should always ensure that their children behave respectfully in someone else's house.

The only solution for anyone renting a cottage and paying a damage deposit is to behave in a sensible fashion and ensure that damage does not occur. Accidents may still happen with red wine irrespective. Behave as you would at home and mop up spills as they happen to prevent staining. Be aware that in a truly luxurious cottage, damage to an an antique rug is going to be more costly than damage in an average cottage and the answer to a carefree luxury holiday is insurance.