Prices are relative


Compare cottage rates - travel is a hefty expense nowadays and families with very small children may prefer to avoid the stress of organising and dealing with long distance trips and book self catering holidays nearer home in southern Ireland.

Self catering in Ireland

Ireland has the Euro

We all have to make compromises and although the Irish Republic has the Euro which tends to make the cost of food in the shops, restaurant bills etc. more expensive, if you are arriving from a non Euro country, you can always mitigate on the expense and bring basic provisions with you. Canned food and dry packets travel well.

Self catering in Ireland

cottages with a hot tub for relaxing self catering breaks

Rent a country cottage with a hot tub in County Cork Ireland

Lie back on holiday and let the bubbling hot tub soothe your cares away. Rent a cottage in County Cork with its own hot tub.

cottages county cork with a hot tub

• Hot tubs can be private or communal. Rent a holiday home from an independent owner and enjoy private facilities.
• Holiday parks tend to have shared hot tubs

Rent a holiday cottage in southern Ireland in a holiday park

The main advantage of renting a cottage in a holiday park in southern Ireland is the wide array of facilities provided for guests. The facilities are generally shared or time slots booked. There may well be a swimming pool or two on site, hot tubs and spas, perhaps a sauna, tennis courts and similar facilities that contribute to the fun during a holiday.

Holiday homes offer a budget priced holiday in County Cork

Once you have rented a holiday home, you and your family can cook and eat as you would at home saving the huge costs of eating out. You and your children can have a stash of drinks, snacks and treats to relish at any time without incurring additional expense.

You get to see the countryside and beaches of County Cork, have a good time, a comfortable bed for the night without breaking the budget. In these price conscious times, everyone is looking for a cheap holiday or bargain and a self catering holiday definitely reduces the costs.

It still holds true that 'you get what you pay for', however, cottage rental rates vary depending on location and time of year. The demand is higher during school holidays so prices go up. If you can travel outside school holidays and shop around.