Splash and Swim

cottages with a swimming pool in County Cork Ireland  

Keep the kids happy

Rent a holiday cottage with a swimming pool to keep the children amused for hours on end during your holiday.

Bring swimsuits

• Bring swimsuits and beach towels
• Beach shoes help prevent accidents

Beach holidays in Ireland

Seaside holidays in Ireland are fabulous for families because of the unspoiled and uncommercial sed natural beaches where you can enjoy the beach for what it is without any 'I want' or 'can I have' whines from the kids.

A beach is a good outdoor playground for children. there is something mesmerising about digging in the sand or building castle or sand sculptures.

Sand dunes backing a beach provide hours of enjoyment. Children slide down them, play hide and seek or you can always find a sheltered sun away from the wind to soak up the sun's rays.

Bring swimsuits

County Cork Ieland lighthouse at Sheeps Head

A swimming pool is an extra asset on holiday

A holiday cottages with its own swimming pool in County Cork is a bonus during a holiday. Most people enjoy that early morning or evening swim that leaves them feeling relaxed and fit.

cottages with a swimming pool to rent in County Cork Ireland

Children love splashing about in a swimming pool - it can provide hours of entertainment.

Cottages in holiday parks with a swimming pool

Holiday parks often have a swimming pool for their guests to use. Because there is likely to be a large number of cottages and self catering accommodation on site, they can afford to run a large swimming pool. Safety and supervision of your children is always your own responsibility.

Cottages to rent in the country with use of a swimming pool

There are a number of possible arrangements when renting a self catering cottage for a holiday. Small country cottages are unlikely to have their own swimming pool, simply because it is not cost effective. A swimming pool costs so much to run that it would make the rent on a small cottage astronomical. Saying that, there are a few small cottages with their own private swimming pools, although not necessarily in County Cork.

Beach cottages with a swimming pool

A beach holiday is ideal for families. There is something for everyone on a beach, swimming, paddling, building sand castles or just dozing in the sun.

For some, the perfect self catering holiday is to be near a beach and to have use of a swimming pool as well. It is easier in some respects to swim in a pool rather than the sea. The salty sea water may make us more buoyant but there is also the distraction of waves and it is unpleasant to swim underwater without goggles.

There are coastal cottages in County Cork with a swimming pool near a beach that combine the best of both worlds with the sea to paddle in and pool to swim in.

Requests for holiday cottages with a swimming pool and a hot tub are fairly common. The facilities that people once expected from hotels they now expect from self catering cottages as well.