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Promoting cottages in the country County Cork has acres of green and pleasant countryside dotted with Irish cottages are well spaced intervals.

This is the destination for anyone seeking complete relaxation.

Country Matters


The countryside is a national asset and matters immensely. Each and ever one of us is able to take to the country, walk and appreciate nature. The land may on paper belong to named individuals but everyone can take advantage of scenery, woodland walks, rambles and coastal walks without cost.

Mizen Head

Mizen Head on the most south westerly point of Ireland is the Irish equivalent to Land's End in England. People go there because it is an extreme point and for the spectacular sea views. A suspension bridge hangs over a chasm which adds a great deal of excitement to a coastal walk.

There is a lighthouse at this point as one would expect and because of its south westerly location, wild flowers which do not grow anywhere else in Ireland flourish. The public are welcome to visit the lighthouse which now functions as a museum.

Mizen Head is a good observation point for spotting whales and seals offshore.

There is parking for your car.


Country Matters

Advertising and promoting self catering cottages in Ireland and abroad

We maintain online cottage brochures to allow people to find a cottage holiday in County Cork Ireland of further afield.

• All cottages are of a good standard
• Most are inspected and rated
• All cottages are fully equipped as comfortable holiday homes

Rent a self catering cottage in Cork with confidence

How to book a self catering cottage in County Cork, Ireland

All cottages are advertised with the cottage owner or management company details. All you do to book a cottage is to email or call them and they will happily take a deposit and reserve a cottage in County Cork for you. WE can also let you know how long a cottage owner or agency has advertised with us. Trust is crucial in this day and age.

In many cases, payment can be made by credit card giving you additional protection.

the luck of the IrishThe luck of the Irish - there seem to be several stories associating the Irish with luck and charm. Many of us will know an Irish person with the gift of the gab and that is partly what makes a holiday in Ireland so appealing.

The thought of sociable afternoon or evenings in an Irish pub, passing the time of day in idle conversation has a certain appeal.

Irish symbols such as leprechauns, four leaved clover are all connected with luch and good fortune. There are plenty of rainbows in ireland because the rainfall is generous in maintaining that level of greenery. Whether a crock of gold is waiting for you is another matter. What does await is a very good holiday experience. All you have to do is to decide to go.

Book that cottage somewhere in County Cork and chase a rainbow.

How long does the holiday have to be?

Most holiday homes in Country Cork can be rented for periods of multiples of weeks, one, two or three depending on how much you want to see. There is generally a set day for arrival, normally a Friday or Saturday, however, this is not a hard and fast rule with all, some cottage owners can offer a flexible start day.

Are short breaks available?

You may be able to rent cottages and apartments in County Cork for short breaks depending on the dates. Any bookings that fall within the school holidays are usually for complete weeks only. Rent a cottage for a short break outside the peak season. Cottage owners are often flexible if there has been a cancellation - for these check the Last Minute Cottages in Ireland listings.

Good Value self catering

Self catering holidays offer good value because guests provide all of their own food and can cook it in their own kitchens thereby saving on the costs of eating out. The other big saving with self catering is that you keep a stock of drinks and snacks in the cottage. Anyone who has children will appreciate how much money this saves. Keep a stock of small packaged fruit juices for taking with you as part of a picnic on day trips and that will help keep costs down. It is difficult to obtain cheap breaks without compromising on quality - renting self catering accommodation is by far the best method.